Red hair color is an all-time favorite choice for women who seek a more rich and fiery hair shade that literally turns heads. A wildfire captured in a unique blend of shades of red hair. This peachy pastel red hair is a mixture of pink pastel with peach undertones. Red Copper Hair Color. There are two main things you must consider: the shade of red you want and the type of upkeep you’ll be dealing with. Shades of Red Hair Q&A with style creator, Nicole Hairstylist / Makeup Artist @ Advanced Hair Etc. I love the pops of bright copper that run throughout! Reds are stunning, full of life, and worth every penny. If you want a red hair color, take your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair-color into consideration. Sometimes, all you need to draw even more attention to the beautiful shades of red hair is an equally gorgeous red lipstick. Another example of this strong statement red hair color. It too varies from deeper shades to almost pink notes as the ones used to create this gorgeous ombre. Scroll to see pictures of the best red hair color ideas for this year and find the right color for you. We’re sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for to achieve a stunning red hair look. We love how the dark red lowlights and light red highlights add depth and richness to the deep auburn base. Wash your red ombre hair as little as possible, and always use a heat protectant and low heat. Red Warmth. A fiery red glow looks amazing on medium hair. Green shadows and liners can be beautiful on eyes if you have red hair color, as can various shades of brown! With such a beautiful hair color, who needs extra hair styling? Why we love this Red hair color: Emma has experimented with a lot of shades of red over the course of her career, but we particularly love how this medium/dark copper shade works with her coloring. As a general rule of thumb, select warm red hair colors like ginger, copper and auburn if you have very fair or very warm skin. Read this article to discover the best 20 shades of red hair for women. Those princess waves are a perfect match for a casual day look or evening outing. And while it might be a big change for some, it will continue to be a top hair color trend into 2020 and beyond. This warm red hue is seriously giving off autumn vibes! We love this shade of red highlighted by the deep orange undertones. This classic shade of red is chic, elegant, but also style-forward. This color creation is the mix of depth and vibrancy together. Whether you rock a bold red or a subtler auburn, the hue is totally in right now. A toned-down look with a chic twist. It was processed for 30 minutes and then toned at the basin for 15 minutes. For anyone looking to enhance their hair color or change it entirely, a hair color chart is definitely a useful tool for determining which one of the many shades to choose.. Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks makes a strong and sexy statement with red copper hair color! This color is for women who want a more copper, auburn red rather than something bright. Tips: Looks incredible in people with green and brown eyes. Perhaps one of the most understated shades of red hair is rusty red. 5. Try a pigmented shampoo and conditioner for maintaining reds like Davines Red Alchemic System. The lighter shades of red hair flatter women and girls whose natural hair color is warm blonde. Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and always washing/rinsing with cool water will help maintain your look and keep it beautiful and vibrant. Red copper hair color is a rich, bright blend of red and orange/brown.This shade will flatter fair-to-medium, peach-colored or golden-toned skin and blue, green or hazel eyes. Light beige brown hair pairs well with red, dark gray, and teal colored clothes. Red hair has never been hotter than it is now. Depending on the shade of red you opt for and your base color, your colorist might need to use bleach to achieve your hue. This solar orange-red shade is ideal for porcelain white skin to medium skin tones. We love the subtle framing auburn undertones. Talk to your hairstylist about tones such as reds, coppers, and plums. This is one of the apt shades of red hair color for the girls who love experimenting with their hair and styles. Her work has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications. Another great color that is sure to warm up your complexion. Hot Shades. The next red hair color challenge (and possibly the biggest one) is keeping the shade you love looking as fresh and vibrant as possible, for as long as possible. Redheads are very difficult to maintain because it’s hard for the hair to hold this color. We think it’s safe to say this fiery chocolate hue fits her to perfection. This stylish short bob mixes maroon with copper red and burgundy for added effect. Blue-red or bronze hair color works better for darker faces. It gives it an extra kick and actually makes the color last a little longer between sessions. A playful mix of mahogany and chestnut in a rich but seemingly weightless wealth of curls.