Did you combined campral with memantine? Did you had any interactions? Additionally I should note that I tend to feel less tired throughout the day. these holograms would appear in my room and float toward me. I did not notice any other side-effects, nor did I experience withdrawal or rebound issues while quitting. From Reddit Collection. User Reviews for Memantine. Then do the same in reverse if you decide to stop taking it. I've shifted my thinking forward to making another purchase from Ceretropic. Its name is derived from its structure; 3,5-dimethyladamantan-1-amine. I suggest starting with 2.5mg and not going past that for at least a week. It has an 80 hour half life. The memory issues returned, but to a lesser degree and went away quickly. Soon after I started to feel more connected; to myself and others. They all seem to be really emotionally charged memories hence why I used the word repressed, but nothing particularly traumatic. it seemed so futuristic. Anxiety, restlessness, brain fog. I ended up cutting the dose back to 5 mg as I approached the end of my supply, and then stopped taking it. The most noticeable effect from memantine is that I don't feel anywhere near as burnt-out or deflated on a day to day basis. what have your experiences been with memantine? hell, im not even certain that if someone else was in the room they could not have seen these holograms; they seemed that real. I'm simply saying the initial acute effects of brain-fog weren't a horrible experience as I started from a very low dose and kept it low until the effect dissipated (I hope that makes sense). I do emphasize the importance of titrating doses up and down as best possible though; I would not start at 10 mg and I would not abruptly quit from 10 mg. Start at the lowest possible dose, give it 2 weeks, and then double it. Pharms - Memantine (309), Sleep Deprivation (140) : General (1), First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), Various (28) COPYRIGHTS: All reports are copyright Erowid and you agree not to download or analyze the report data without … I have experimented with a lot of nootropics and have long gotten over getting hyped up about things (I've tried pretty much all of them, and found most don't do very much for me). Memantine is substituted with a methyl carbon at both R3 and R5; it contains an amine substitution at R1. I glimpsed into this place that looked like interlocking chains, a pit going down endlessly. 'Useful But Not Recreational' by rararagi. Memantine Dosage. 'Being Disconnected From Reality' by itstingsandithurts. (its still going) I'm not even sure where to begin, but note that I am still currently under the effects of the Memantine, so parts of this may not make sense until I edit them in days to come. This was beneficial in that it seemed to help me feel a little more calm, but it didn't help enough to really warrant the effort it took to obtain reliable quality Memantine (at least at the time; there were no bulk sources available). “This is the big one, and the one I have the least direct experience with, but it’s been an open secret for some time. It also keeps my kratom tolerance at bay. Apr 1, 2016 5,017 0 Nottinghamshire. I started with 5mg and didn't feel much the first day and took more the second and then it all kicked in and I felt like what you would feel like if you took 200mg of benadryl. When the kratom wore off I got anxiety again and was stressed out by every little thing , so I took another 10mg of memantine which is kinda helping a bit. That being established, I did experience some acute brain-fog as was expected. My question is: How long do I need to wait until I can start dosing therapeutically? My understanding is it usually takes 2 days to 2 weeks at most for this affect to resolve itself. “Memantine is the best treatment I have ever tried for ADHD. At the time I smoked weed fairly frequently (multiple times a week), though I quit fairly recently. I have a post "most beautiful day of my life" regarding my combination of aniracetam with Memantine. Anyways, the pronounced memory impairment went away as expected. I like using ashwagandha and Memantine together. An Experience with Memantine. MEMANTINE HYDROCHLORIDE NICHE 20MG FILM-COATED TABLETS (Leaflet) MEMANTINE HYDROCHLORIDE TEVA 10MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION (Leaflet) MEMANTINE HYDROCHLORIDE TORRENT 10 MG/ML ORAL SOLUTION (Leaflet) Ingredient matches for Memantine Hydrochloride Memantine. I’m sorry to read about your mum’s decline, I know how horrible it is when that happens. Search for: Recommended Biohacks. I've been taking it for more than a week.....10 mg dropper...no titration aside from the first day...just dove right in. I was on it for another 4 weeks without dosing changes. Find more subreddits like r/MemantineHCl -- A sub for discussing all uses of Memantine, from therapeutic to recreational. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. When I got home I decided to take a large dose of Memantine; about 70mg. Memantine Hydrochloride (BANM, JAN, USAN) is known as Memantine in the US. jelly fish made of blue and green light. laid in bed for a couple of days. Memantine will be prescribed by a specialist doctor. Do you have experience supplementing with Memantine? I did not notice any significant benefit to my cognition or memory. This experience may be in line with what others are reporting in terms of increased sensitivity to coffee/stims etc. Most studies support 20mg a day (or 10mg twice daily) to be the most … mean? At first, I found it provided a moderate reduction in anxiety. The memantine dosage will differ based on the use case. That being established, I did experience some acute brain-fog as was expected. I was not high all day or anything at the time though, I'd usually only smoke before bed, and skipped days regularly. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Memantine. It gave me the ability to visualize complex holograms above myself and make edits to them. by rararagi. Did you try combining it with a stimulant at any point? I would love to reset tolerance to prescribed pain medication but I'm just spooked by the bad reports I have come across - mostly because of the long half-life. Good to know that you did well with Memantine at reasonable dosage, i will get the campral soon and will tell you how it works for me. I did smoke cannabis on and off while using it, without experiencing any negative interaction (it did make me more tired when smoking, but not in an alarming way). I haven't got any personal experience with this combination, but I do know that memantine has been implicated in reducing tolerance to GABA agonists (most commonly benzodiazepenes), and so theoretically it should reduce tolerance to phenibut and lead to more pronounced effects. Memantine, or 3,5-dimethyladamantan-1-amine, is a man-made molecule classified as a substituted adamantane derivative. It was first developed in the 1960s for the treatment of diabetes. Right out of the gate I'll say that my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Those are my experiences with the above substances, I'd like to research more combinations though and would like input. The 20 mg/day memantine dose was associated with a higher rate of completion and larger mean improvement on the ADHD-IV and CGI-S than 10 mg/day memantine. It helps reduce dementia symptoms, but it … Thanks in advance for your advice and experience - I'm completely lost... Bunpoots Volunteer Host. So far this is working. Then after a week it started to settle down until I upped the dosage which left me with brain fog to the point of being scared to drive. Donate $500 or more and get a beautiful Huichol yarn painting, hand made by Huichol artists in Mexico. After 2 weeks, I upped the dosing frequency to twice daily as planned. Metabolism Tracker. I have a family history of mental illness; my father has severe bipolar disorder that he has had under control with a mood stabilizer for the last couple of decades. I'm also taking and 9 methyl beta carboline for DA effects. honestly, in the future I think that this is possible. Right out of the gate I'll say that my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Its core structure is adamantane, a diamondoid of four interlocked cyclohexane rings in a stable 3-dimensional lattice conformation. It will only be started for people who have a caregiver able to supervise the treatment. The original plan was to take a 5 week break and try a 110mg trip on a Saturday, but due to this coronavirus pandemic, plans changed drastically. If you have ADHD, you need to try this…I’ve been on Memantine at 10mg/day for over a month now. and have complete control over my ocd, intrusive thoughts, adhd, and anxiety. However, the drug does not cure Alzheimer’s. I'm on day seven and I've noticed that I keep recalling what seem to be repressed or mostly forgotten memories. Most AEs were mild and occurred during the first week of treatment. Stunning Huichol Yarn Art . I light up a cigarette, like after most meals, and notice the slow whisps of smoke dancing around my hand, this is when I remembered about the Memantine, about 2 hours after taking the dose. The same thing happened while walking along a brick wall while watching it as I walked. My experience with Memantine has been quite the journey. did you know a dose of that size would give you such an experience? I actually think it's helped me turn a corner on my anxiety, which has been pretty bad the last couple of years and has ramped up the last few months. Useful But Not Recreational. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I don't feel that the effect of coffee has been heightened at all, I just feel a more steady stream of energy throughout the day regardless of what I take for stimulation. I started taking Memantine this past week. I honestly could not tell that it had made any difference whatsoever, but it might have been too short of a period to tell. I’ve been taking memantine for about 2 years with adderall. I don't know that this is that I'm actually less tired or just that I'm less sensitive to the feeling of being tired. After I've eaten and sat down to begun browsing reddit, the fact I've taken the Memantine has almost completely been forgotten by me, I begin to feel a bit spacey and calm. I took pharmaceutical grade Memantine (the pharmacy dispensed tablet packets), at 5 mg once daily, titrated up to twice daily (so from 5 mg daily to 10 mg daily total, one in the morning and one in the afternoon) after 2 weeks as per the general prescription rules. Memantine is a prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe confusion related to Alzheimer's disease.It does not cure Alzheimer's disease, but it may improve memory, awareness, and the ability to perform daily functions.This medication works by blocking the action of a certain natural substance in the brain that is believed to be linked to symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Now however, I'm on 10mg B.I.D. So I have some liquid memantine. Has anyone else had this experience? I traveled through futuristic city scenes. It's not like that of a stimulant -- I still feel tired -- I just don't have an immediate stressed out/defeated anxious accompaniment when I begin to feel fatigued at the end of the day. That being said, does anyone care to shed some light on long term use of memantine? … They make fabulous gifts! An example of these "patterns" would be if I was walking on a boardwalk, if I looked at the planks while walking, the dark spaces between the slats would produce a very noticeable strobing effect that was clearly not normal. by itstingsandithurts. Pharmacokinetic analyses suggest response to memantine may be dose-dependent beyond an initial threshold concentration. -- although I wouldn't personally describe it that way. I tend to run 10mg every 80 hours, depending on how I feel. –Reddit user review 12-14 hours of increasingly profound visual hallucination. Learn More. Memantine. it seemed I could control it with my imagination. oddly as I got more sober they became more tangible. She began to experience side effects and her doctor determined that we should take her back off. TL;DR All in all I did not notice any large benefits. I've come to the realization that I"m sensitive to choline sources, such that racetams and supplemental choline have really increased the level of anxiety. Understand Memantine, usages in various health conditions, and side effects and warnings. Now however, I'm on 10mg B.I.D. Memantine has de-emphasized the NMDA/nACh and allowed my to use NSI-189 without the accompanying anxiety that it's caused me before. Edit: for clarity, I'm not saying that my increasing of the dosing is what is responsible for the brain-fog dissipating. Pharms - Memantine (309) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Multi-Day Experience (13), Retrospective / Summary (11) COPYRIGHTS: All reports are copyright Erowid and you agree not to download or analyze the report data without contacting Erowid Center and receiving permission first. At first the sides were terrible. Toute reproduction ou représentation totale ou partielle de ce site par quelque procédé que ce … Anyway, I know this isn't the stackadvice forum but I think my post is mostly pertaining to my experience with memantine (rather than asking for any advice). I just wanted to take this opportunity to share my memantine experience and hopefully provide some useful information for anyone considering purchasing/using this as an AD. However, I also noticed that I felt a bit slow, and my memory was definitely fuzzy for the first week (I'd abruptly lose track of a conversation or even my train of thought while speaking). For a fuller discussion surrounding nootropics and holistic brain hacking, join our growing community on Facebook!! (12 & 24 inch pieces available.) It was not however as devastating as I was prepared for, and I was still very functional. This thread has me a little worried, especially when I read the word "irreversible." Lumen. For a little while it certainly had some dissociative effects but then after that I just felt more detached and could focus on work and things easier. Anxiety, restlessness, brain fog. All the best, I've taken up to 60-70 mg a day after titration to no real I'll effect. Rather positive or rather negative? Explore other smart treatment options, see research evidence, and find out about people's experiences with many popular treatments, including feedback from patients and professionals. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. One interesting memantine side effect includes higher libido. Lying in bed that night I had a psychadelic self healing experience where all the lessons I have been learning, all the new friends I have made, started coming back to me, and resonating on a deep level. Pharms - Memantine Reports (also Namenda) (27 Total) General: First Times: Combinations: Retrospective / Summary: Difficult Experiences: Health Problems : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters: Glowing Experiences: Mystical Experiences: Medical Use : General » » » more » » » [17] Wintry Void: nervewing: Memantine & … I want to experience: Lsd + Memantine DOB + memantine Learn … For those who want to use memantine for treating Alzheimer's disease, a higher dosage is recommended. A categorized index of first-person experiences with Pharms - Memantine. It's difficult to describe as the effect was very subtle. Memantine is a prescription drug that is also known by the brand name Namenda. Memantine experience. Just a brief intro: I am a guy in my twenties, I have ADD (diagnosed and medicated, though at the time I had not been taking methylphenidate or anything else for a while), mild social anxiety (does not severely affect me, but requires me to make an effort to socialize). My mom was on memantine for a short period of time. Thanks for the review! Overall I would say I like it but stay closer to approved dosages probably. The only noticeable side-effect I experienced was a minor, though odd visual abberation; I noticed that moving patterns very noticeably flickered as if under a strobe light. Memantine oral tablet is a prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. grids of squares and circles. Be very careful with dosing it. I also did not experience any major benefits; my feelings were mixed about the anxiolytic effects. So, I think if you are very careful, 2.5mg every 2 days until you really get a feel for it, you will be fine. Memantine is a medication used to treat moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease. It is prescribed for people with moderate or severe Alzheimer's disease, who for some reason cannot take the other medicines more usually prescribed for Alzheimer's disease. I was not worried as this is normal at first; Memantine is potently anticholinergic (very specific though, a sub-unit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors) and so often has a negative effect on memory that rapidly balances out as the affected receptor upregulates. It is ... A study examining self-reported misuse of memantine on the social network reddit shown that the drug was used as a recreational drug and as a nootropic, but also that it was misused in various illnesses as self-medication without strong scientific basis. Like a very strong dissociative, but it is not pleasurable at all. 43% of those users who reviewed Memantine reported a positive effect, while 41% reported a negative effect. Memantine - my experience with recreational doses. The FDA has officially approved memantine for the treatment of certain cases of Alzheimer’s disease, and this is the most typical medical use of memantine. I haven’t posted in a long time but, if you don’t mind, I’d like to offer my experience with memantine and amphetamine poop-out. As soon as I got it, I stupidly took a recreational dose of 50mg when the original reason I purchased it was to help with my gabapentin and eventually ativan taper. I seem to remember one member here whose PWD got very good results with memantine, temporarily, but I have no personal experience … Then after a week it started to settle down until I upped the dosage which left me with brain fog to the point of being scared to drive. Apollo Neuro Wearable. Ce document intitulé « MEMANTINE - Indications, posologie et effets secondaires » issu de Journal des Femmes (sante-medecine.journaldesfemmes.fr) est soumis au droit d'auteur. I can focus better, it’s easier to motivate myself to get things done, and I’m procrastinating much less than I used to.