", we will help you diagnose and treat it! Diseases will cause the plant to become weak and in the worst cases, they will kill the plant. jackles Apr 18, 2020 3:55 AM CST. Why Is My Red-Edged Dracaena Turning Yellow and Its Leaves Are Drooping?. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. save. I expect the lower ones to droop, but seven of the inner leaves are drooping. Hello - I need some help with my dragon tree plant and it's drooping leaves (and brown tips). I don't think I am watering it too much. I repotted it with Miracle-gro moisture control potting soil. If you're wondering "what's wrong with my plant? HELP, my Dracena plant is losing several leaves a day. Drooping leaves can be too water (especially if they feel limp) or too little light or a combo. Hardy in USDA Zones 10 to 12, corn plants can take light shade or indirect sunlight. Another possibility is that your plant might have gotten a chill on the way home from the store. As the plant adjusts to reduced light conditions, it often sheds some of its lower leaves. I definitely don't overwater - was watering every ~2 weeks. Views: 6335, Replies: 12 » Jump to the end. share. The corn plant goes by many names, and all them are part of the Dracaena family of plants – all typical with the same growing and care requirements. Hi Heather – The lower leaves of a marginata naturally turn yellow, then dry & eventually fall off – it’s part of the natural life cycle. Houseplants forum: Droopy Dracena Marginata Leaves. I'm using bottled or distilled water to … However--the stem looks very much like a Dracena. The curling seems to have gotten more intense now. All in all, just like animals, these plants are also prone to diseases. Answered. 1--Too much watering. I got this dracaena in May 2020 and shortly after some of the leaves began to curl and droop. This is mostly because of the many health benefits it offers to the occupants. It was real root bound, so I did cut a little of the root, to get it out of the pot. Depending on the variety, D. fragrans may have solid green or variegated leaves and mature at 15 to 50 feet high. Answer + 13. All of a sudden the leaves are turning yellow and droopy and falling off. The slender, grey trunks of … User account menu • Is my dracaena done for? Dracenas like to dry out a bit between watering. Is my dracaena done for? Nothing adds a tropical air to a garden or living room like a Dracaena marginata. Background: Bought the plant at a flower market in June last year where it's leaves were spikey. 0 comments. The leaves are drooping on this dragon plant (common name). Now--as for the leaves drooping---there may be a couple different causes. Dracaena fragrans, or corn plant. Tropical plants such as dracaena react dramatically if they experience cold temperatures or drafts. ... Droopy, Yellowing Leaves. Help, I have a dracaena marginata I bought a couple months ago. Started drooping and dropping leaves, hasn't come back. Started drooping and dropping leaves, hasn't come back. First pic shown below it has been watered 5 days ago but seems like it could be thirsty? I prop up the cutting with the vase or jar I use for propagation. Also called mass cane, this slow-growing plant is easy to care for and adapts well to a variety of conditions. Marginatas droop in too low light. Dracaena is a common houseplant preferred for both homes and offices. Nell