Home; Our Story; Shop . 660. Mystery fig $ 65.00 $ 18.00; Out of stock . Disney Star Wars Reylo Fantasy Pin Dirty Dancing Pinsonmain Le 50 4" Flawed Gold $60.0 . Sale Out of stock . Fig trees in Mallorca, a tour in Montserrat pons fig orchard December 10, 2018 Fig varieties introduced by Bass Samaan of Trees of Joy nursery September 21, 2018 Figs care guide March 10, 2017 This is it's first year to bear fruit so I wasn't quite prepared what to expect. Faja de Ovelha. I can ship but the plants will need to be cut to size and bare rooted. Even better, this coveted cultivar is productive and reliable, producing bushels of yellow-green figs with sweet, richly-flavored and strawberry-hued flesh. Photos will be awesome too! The fig in my collection that these figs most resemble is Bourjasotte Grise. 10-02-2017, 02:12 AM. The auction is for 2 cuttings, all with 3+ nodes on them. # 20, item 5 1 live PLANT "Shohami" Fig Tree ,Common Type, Holy Land 4 -, 1 live PLANT "Shohami" Fig Tree ,Common Type, Holy Land, item 6 1 Fig tree,Brown Turkey,Fruiting Fig, live plant, >10 inch height, Free ship, P1 5 -, 1 Fig tree,Brown Turkey,Fruiting Fig, live plant, >10 inch height, Free ship, P1, item 7 1 LIVE PLANT x D. JOÃO IV - cuttings fig tree 6 -, 1 LIVE PLANT x D. JOÃO IV - cuttings fig tree, item 8 FICUS CARICA - BACORINHO 1 ROOTED fig PLANT (1) Tree 7 -, FICUS CARICA - BACORINHO 1 ROOTED fig PLANT (1) Tree, item 9 1 live plant - TWOTIMER - fig tree - plant 30-40cm 8 -, 1 live plant - TWOTIMER - fig tree - plant 30-40cm. They will be around 6-8" long and 1/4"-3/4" thick. Thank you! 99.99. ! Something went wrong. 0. Winter 2016 Fig Cuttings for Sale The cuttings from our 2016 growing season will be clipped and shipped in late winter, probably around February 1st, 2017 . It has the advantage over some other excellent quite similar figs such as I-258 or Genovese Nero (AF) in being somewhat earlier and able to ripen the whole crop in my climate. With over 50 different varieties of fig trees in stock, Kremp Florist is the authority in premium quality figs. And choose a container that's wider than deep, given the fibrous roots of figs. 386. The pinnacle performers tend to play musical chairs from year to year, with several varieties vying for top-honors. Encanto. Please follow here for updates. Giant Amber. He created fine wo Bourjassotte Grise is great fig with good sweetness and excellent flavor coming from a relatively small fruit. Cuttings of this large greenish-purple fig variety can be selected in Kremp Florist’s store or shipped to you wherever you might be growing these fruitful trees. The several color varieties of Bourjassottes were reputedly first found in the village of Burjasot, 19 km northwest of Valencia. White Marseilles, Toulousienne, Negro Largo, Violette de Bordeaux and Bourjasotte Grise This is an antique chromolithograph which was made in the 1890s for a work by John Wright, a horticulturist and editor of the London Journal of Horticulture. The brown turkey fig tree is a relatively small fig tree and is a cold-hardy variety that can easily survive in temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. FIGO PRETO DE TORRES NOVAS. Products labeled &q If you come across a frequently used abbreviation that is not included in the Fig Database or the list below, please contact me to have it included. Vista Fig, from what I just read on your evaluation I will say is my type of fig. FIGO PRETO DE TORRES NOVAS - 1 PLANT FIG TREE - FICUS CARICA - PORTUGUESE, , but backed by eBay Money back guarantee, Get the item you ordered or your money back, eBay Money Back Guarantee. Hero Member; Posts: 875; Karma: +10/-1; Welcome !! Beyenfeige Violetta 15G $80.00 sold. Fruit "syconium"-producing Fig Trees, known botanically as the Ficus Carica species, can be grown successfully even in New Jersey (NJ) in large containers such as wine barrels, provided there is proper drainage and the potting medium quality, humidity levels, and moisture is constantly maintained. Post Cancel. Living up to its name, this tree is small in stature, perfect for tight spaces, but big in fig production. Bi39 - Beniamino Infelise 1939. However, I am not convinced that the fig above is Bourjasotte Grise. Other figs not mentioned: Nerucciolo d'Elba, Campaniere, Blanche de Deux Saison, Adriatic "type" figs, Bourjassotte Grise, Violet Sepor, Socorro Black, Dels Ermitans, Pastiliere, Ronde de Bordeaux, Albo & Sucrette. Bordisotte B/N 5G $40.00 - Hold. Free local pickup. Variety Size Cost. I will be looking for it. Fig (Ficus carica) Bourjagotte Grise £ 15.00. If you dont have it, you need it...and Im sure all this info will convince you! I have a bourjasotte cutting that has grown nicly. Oct 10, 2019 - Explore Kremp Florist's board "Figs for Sale", followed by 1347 people on Pinterest. Kremp Florist sells the French Bourjasotte Grise variety of fig tree to customers both local and nationwide. 2 Bourjasotte Grise. The best-tasting fig to be introduced into the U.S. in years, Peter's Honey fig tree produces a soft celadon green fruit on the outside. Get the item you ordered or your money back, item 2 1 x live plant ABEBEREIRA fig tree 1 -, item 4 1 STARDONE LIVE Fig Tree Plant, Fully Rooted Live Plant . Hen & Rooster Medium Congress Knife Gold Leaf Deer Stag 214-ds/gl $69.9. Colasanti Dark. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bourjassotte Grise Fig Tree Plant at the best online prices at eBay! Bourjasotte Grise 1G $25.00 . Books (2) Cedar (4) Figs (153) Honey (1) Mulberry (7) other fruit trees (1) pawpaw (5) Pomegranate (10) Search Products. 1,482 views 0 comments. Castle Kennedy 5G $40.00 . It's juicy and very sweet. Free shipping for many products! I think that the tree is a bit young and doesn't have the energy to produce consistently good figs. Bourjasotte Grise 01-20-2016, 04:17 AM. When you order our larger sizes, you’ll have fruit in the first year. These varieties have now been pruned and added to the online listings on our "2020 Fig Cuttings for Sale" page: Albacor Comuna Barada Black Provence. Beyenfeige Violetta 15G $80.00 sold. Fig Phenom. My Top 8 Overall Best Fig Varieties. Jhawka10. Quand le sol est très lourd, très argileux et/ou naturellement très humide, peu drainant. We are currently building our online catalog that will be an outlet for cuttings complete with quality images and information. Figs medium, oblate-turbinate with short, thick neck and short stalk; eye medium, open; color greenish violet; bloom prominent; pulp dark strawberry, hollow at the center; quality fair to good. I can ship but the plants will need to be cut to size and bare rooted. The Bourjasotte Grise fig is a very tasty French variety. Rated the #1 commercially grown in Spain. Another would be Celeste, which for taste and historical reasons would be a good choice for almost any community garden. It is still relatively early in the year yet, but to date, Bourjassote Grise is the front-runner for top tasting fig for the 2019 season here in fig heaven. Search for: Home; Shop; Shipping info; About; Blog; Contact; Cart; Recent Posts. He created fine wo . I left 6-7 figs on, 3 haven't ripened, 3 ripened in late October during our flood 12+ inches in a couple days after no rain all summer, all 3 split badly. I wash and scrub all my cuttings with anti-bacterial soap, label them and saran wrap them so they are fridge ready. ramv. The picture below is Bourjasotte Grise and was taken in 2004 by a longtime contributor to this forum. No fruit. WillsC Figs Join us at Ourfigs.com. MUST HAVE variety for anyone interested in SUBLIME Tasting varieties This auction is for 2 cuttings of Bourjasotte Grise . Moderate water. The regulations demand plants for sale outside of Florida must be grown at least 18" off the ground, my plants are 40" off the ground as for me it was a more comfortable working height.