Looking outside finger length and grip strength, the size of your hand may also be an indication of your athleticism. According to Golfweek.com, oversized grips are between 1/16 to 1/8 inch larger than standard grips and can feel like the "difference between a pencil and a baseball bat." Golfers are very aware of the benefits of custom club fitting, but very few have given any thought to their grips, and that’s the only part of the club that is in direct contact with a player’s hands! Playing with grips that are larger don’t just lead to more strokes on the scorecard, but may lead to pain and discomfort. During the swing your body turns to create power. In other words, smaller grips can make you handsy and cause you to release the clubhead too quickly. Several options are available, and golfers must determine which one is the most appropriate. The pro tip is to use a grip style according to the size of your hands. Players with smaller hands often prefer the interlocking grip. A grip that is too large for the player can impede … It’s amazing how many mechanical problems stem from a player using a golf grip that’s either too small or too large. Though, that does sound kinda fun, you will not make much impact on the range. When the forearm muscles get tighter, it becomes much more difficult to take the club away from the ball smoothly and then becomes more difficult to achieve a consistent swing tempo and swing rhythm. Joining the hands is preferable, though, as it will aid control. Gripping the golf club properly will help prevent the club shaft from turning so that the club head will stay square at impact. It’s no fun to play with a grip that’s the wrong size for your hands. The interlocking golf grip has its pros and cons over the 10-finger or baseball golf grip. Hit almost every fairway, chipping and pitching was better and crisper. The baseball grip looks more unusual, but is great if you’re young, have very small hands or suffer from arthritic fingers. If you use an undersize grip, try the Ping ID-8 grips. Those players with small hands might find this comfortable, but I still would not recommend it: Vardon Grip – Although I don’t want to bring any bias to this explanation, the Vardon Grip may (without any statistical evidence) be the most popular grip in golf. Brandel Chamblee and Notah Begay III break down Scott Piercy's 10-finger grip. Compact and lightweight, golf grip fit easily in any golf bag, making them the ideal trainer to take with you wherever you practice and play. Some of the main features of both types of grips are compared below. You want to resist the urge to grab a golf club like a baseball bat and have at your golf ball. This section provides information on the many different tweaks a golfer can make leading up to a golf shot. A proper golf grip is considered essential in developing an effective swing. Grips too small. So it is not a bad way to play single axis golf. You can also see that Moe’s grip is smaller than the Natural Golf Grip and that his grip is actually tapered. If you have small hands and still wish to use the overlapping grip, you will want to make sure that the grips on your clubs are small enough to make this possible. By placing the left hand thumb around the grip the left hand has less control of the swing so the right hand can hit the ball where I want it to go. I had a pretty weak golf grip, most of my left hand was rotated toward the left of the grip. As I grew older and improved, it was apparent that the grip had to go to an overlap. The ten-finger grip is often referred to as a “baseball grip.” Once your left hand is on the grip, place your right hand over your left thumb and underneath the left hand. Read somewhere that people with smaller hands tend to like the interlock grip more. The problem I have is that I have fairly small hands, making it practically impossible to grip a disc with the proper angle. When I first learned, it was the best possible way to get my hands to fit on the golf club and have enough strength. Placing your hands properly on the golf club helps you better control the position of the clubface at impact. I could never go back to the baseball grip anymore, and I wouldn't for that matter. How you can perform 10 finger golf grip (baseball grip) ... Easy to get down and utilize especially, among children, female, senior or golfers with weak and smaller hands. To use an overlapping grip, which is one of the most basic and versatile grips in golf, start by taking the club in your left hand. While some players with thick fingers tend to feel uncomfortable using an interlocking golf grip, they have found the 10-finger golf grip to be more comforting. We recommend a custom sizing of your grip to fit your hands and we also recommend a taper to your grip. 'School of Golf' host Martin Hall has a tip everyone can use to hit the ball farther just by changing your grip. I can relate, as I have a glove size of small that's sits perfectly. A golfer who uses a baseball grip is using all 10 fingers of the left/right hand to hold onto the grip. Golf clubs come with standard grips, but not all golfers have the same size hands or the same ability to grip the club. The interlocking grip requires you to cross your left index finger and right pinky. The Claw Grip (also known as Gator grip) is one of the most unusual golf putting grips where the fingers of the bottom hand are on top of the grip rather than on the bottom (similar to a violin grip), and the hand is hooked in place by wrapping the right thumb around and underneath the grip. Proper Golf Grips. I have seen players succeed with all three of these grip styles. Whether you’re swinging a golf club or catching a football, Grip Boost is a company that fully supports the hard work that you consistently put in. They believe that it creates the possibility of a golfer getting greater leverage. If the grip is too small and the golfer has to wrap his hands too far around the grip, the muscles of the forearm almost always tighten up. As a young player, I used an interlocking grip. If you think you have smaller hands use an interlock or a baseball grip. If you have larger hands use overlap grip style. If I match the natural groove of the hand, placing the disc between my pointer and middle finger, I can barely get my pointer finger over the rim. This will help you make any adjustment on the next shot. Let me take this grip discussion a bit further and talk about Moe’s Grip, his hand action and the effects of a grip size. Baseball Grip – This is where the hands do not overlap in any way. Then, place your right pinkie finger so that it fits snugly between the forefinger and middle finger on your left hand. I could barely see any knuckles. The Smart Glove, with removable wrist guide, sets your wrist in the correct position through the swing with a … If you’re playing with grips that are too small for your hands (regardless of your golf glove size), the smaller muscles of the hand and fingers have to work harder, often causing an overactive motion through the ball. A complete golf grip overhaul is a challenging change to make in your game, but it may be worth it. Brandel Chamblee looks at Scott Piercy 10-finger grip | Golf Channel Skip to main content Scott Hazledine told me that he broke a course record with a 64 while lipping out seven putts using the thumb around the grip. One of the keys to great ball striking is a firm left wrist at swing impact and a proper golf grip. Every tweak and their ultimate effects on golf shots are thoroughly explained using beautiful illustrations and detailed notes. Oversized golf grips offer an alternative to players with large hands or weak grips. The Smart Glove is a dual-purpose training guide to help ensure better wrist and grip position. Been having a lot of inconsistent shots lately and I switched to a strong grip for the back 9 Saturday and the game changed. And this makes sense when … [the “baseball” grip (holding what appears to be a putter)] The “baseball grip,” as the 10-finger grip is also known, is frowned upon because it requires more of a commitment to move the arms correctly in a swing. Conventional Wisdom for Defining a Too-Big Grip According to the conventional wisdom, your grip size is correct when you close your hands around the club and the tips of your fingers just miss touching the base of your hands. Again, place your right hand over your left thumb. Interlocking Golf Grip. Which Golf Grip Styles You Should Use? I have had this grip since I started playing 15 years ago. Golf Pride's undersized grip offers the golfer great responsiveness and feedback to the shot, moisture control and is a comfortable ribbed fit for most golfers with smaller hands. Best for Small Hands: Ping ID-8 Undersize Golf Grips. If you’re looking to make your practice count, we can help with our innovative Grip Boost Gel technology – the first golf and football grip gel that restores the sticky grip to gloves without leaving behind any residue. You can eliminate your hook with a simple grip change. Rowles starts students off with an experiment: Make small, waist high swings with just the trail hand in a strong grip, neutral grip and weak grip. If you're constantly hooking the golf ball, read this tip from Hank Haney. Disadvantages in the 10 finger golf grip Gives an excessive amount power to the correct hand. Baseball grip - capture image from reference number [7] Many golf instructors recommend a baseball grip for children, senior golfers or female golfers. Click HERE for more School of Golf content. Golf Grip Trainers from SKLZ help golfers of all levels correct their hand positioning to achieve a perfect swing. The second type of popular golf grip is the interlock which is extremely popular as well. Which one you should use? In fact, the two arguably greatest players ever, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, both use this style of grip. Those with smaller hands may find it difficult to get into a comfortable position with this type of grip, and they may struggle to control the club properly throughout the swing. If you mis-hit the ball, you will feel just where the mistake was made. Next, with the club resting across your palm, wrap your fingers around the grip. The club should not be gripped too tightly. Tweaks to Improve your Golf Game. Overly small grips aren't advisable either -- your hand movement increases too much and plays havoc with your accuracy. Although most teachers prefer the overlap grip, it is more challenging to do if you have weaker or small hands. I've dropped about 10 shots from my round after changing it to this season. Confused? The grip is your only connection with the golf club. The 10-finger golf grip, also called the baseball grip, can be a good choice for children and for adults with arthritis or other hand ailments. https://vault.si.com/vault/1962/04/30/the-right-grip-for-small-hands Since the body is rotating, the golf club must rotate at the same rate.